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Getting you there

TrafficSupply is the biggest online retailer of traffic, text and information signs
and more than ten thousand traffic related products.

TrafficSupply uses multiple webshop concepts for Traffic, Parking, Safety and Street furniture.

In our web shops you can buy traffic signs, the clamps that go with the signs and the traffic poles, chargers for electric cars, road marking for parking lots, but also several safety products for industrial companies and sustainable street furniture with a beautiful design.




Getting you there


We travel every day, to our work, school, sport club, supermarket or for recreation, in familiar but also unfamiliar places. Besides visual marking and traffic guidance, being informed about where we are, where we want to go and what traffic rules apply is also pretty important. We produce sustainable traffic signs which meet the latest demands and standardisation. Did you know that you can design your own combination of traffic signs with our SignEditorâ„¢? Plus you get advice regarding minimal reading distance and mounting for free!

Guiding you there


In parking garages, on the public road, and on your private property as well, you will want to inform your guest as good as possible. Can you park a vehicle on this spot and if so, what charges are applied or whose parking spots are these? We produce clear route and parking signs of high quality with warranty up to 20 years. We can even design the signs with your own branding if you want! Our anti-parking poles stand out really well. We advice and install charging stations for electric vehicles and can supply the road marking and corresponding signs. Did you know that you can design personalised parking signs with our unique SignEditor™?

Protecting you there


Around building sites, in warehouses and on company property, safety and protection of people and material is important. We supply and place a large product range of bollards, corner protectors which protect machines, racks and buildings. Our stainless steel traffic mirrors and sustainable escape and warning signs contribute to a safe work environment. Did you know that you can create personalised safety signs in our easy to use SignEditor™? Rondom bouwplaatsen, in magazijnen en op het buitenterreinen staat veiligheid en bescherming van mens en materiaal voorop. Wij leveren en plaatsen een ruim assortiment rampalen, aanrijbeveiligingen en hoekbeschermers die je machines, stellages en gebouwen beschermen Onze roestvast stalen verkeersspiegels en duurzame vluchtroute- en waarschuwingsborden dragen bij aan een veilige werkomgeving. Wist je dat je bij ons ook gepersonaliseerde veiligheidsborden kunt ontwerpen in onze gebruiksvriendelijke SignEditorâ„¢?

Settling you there

Street Furniture

Being outside in a nice and clean environment is good for us. Playing or recreating in public space, a tranquilizing moment in the city or enjoying a the park while seated on a bench. Street furniture (unfortunately) needs to be sturdy next to having a pretty design. We offer standardised solutions with robust and sustainable produced trash bins, benches and bicycle racks. We can also suprise you with customised products giving your property, park or garden a personal character.


Webshop concepts

TrafficSupply, we are:


We are the most innovative and most used webshop in the traffic branche since 2006. You ensure us that we are on the right path.

Strong together

Together we have more than 140 years of experience in the traffic branche. If you want to work for us and you have experience as well, it will give you right of way.


We want to be a self-willed and innovative enterprise. We want to develop, analyse results and aren't afraid to not be mainstream.

Accessible to everyone

We want to offer high quality traffic products to everyone. `No entry` doesn't apply to you!

You are our

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We stay sharp that way when reviewing our own performance. Your Dat leert ons kritisch te blijven kijken naar onze prestaties. You give us hints which help us to not miss the `next turn` we need to take.

Design with our SignEditor™

You can put together your own traffic sign. With our unique SignEditor™ you are able to combine all official and also funny icons to create your very own traffic, text or information sign.

Our websites have hundreds of basic sign designs which you can use to start your own design. You can easily change a parking sign to a speed limit sign. Even the colour, size and text are easy to change.

If you see this edit icon on a product page in our webshop, the design is editable in the SignEditor™.

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Our motivator

Trustpilot reviews
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Case 01

Cooperation with Gezonde School

Non Smoking Generation

Early in 2017 Gezone School launched a campaign for non smoking school grounds in cooperation with Informatiebord. Research shows that young adults pick up smoking faster when they see others smoke. In 2020 schools are obliged to have a smoke free premises. Many schools already started to work towards that target. It not only sets a healthy standard for students, but protects them as well from the harms of second hand smoking.

At schools can order a sustainable traffic sign with mounting clamps and get € 50,00 off. Together we want to reach the goal of a non smoking generation.

Case 02

Completely custom, with branding


WijZijnGroen and (both parts van TrafficSupply) have been suppliers for PricewaterhouseCoopers for years when they need charging stations for electric cars and associated parking spot decoration.

All the terrain decoration concerning signs on the terrains and in the parking garages of PwC, like information columns, coatings, markings and traffic signs are made in according to the branding of PwC.

Case 03

Clear and completely custom

Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht

Since 2010 and TrafficSupply are partners of UMC Utrecht for all the signs, signage and the decoration of parking spots on the premise of the hospital.

Through combined signs of, which combines multiple signs and directions in one sign, we prevent an unclear stack of signs and it saves UMC space and money.

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