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Optimise your workflow
with SignEditor™ PRO

From webbased design untill generating production files
Save up to 800% handling time in your production workflow

Traffic signs are subjected to many regulations. Production of signfaces requires the attention of different departments such as design, customer communications and print production. Every step requires human (inter)action and the transfer of information. Necessary, but also inefficient steps.

Ever wondered if this could be made easier and flawless by letting customers design their own regulated signs? With the SignEditor™ PRO webbased software it is possible to let your customers create signs online and automatically tranform designs for printproduction, all within prescriptions.

Easy and flawless workflow

Start by selecting a base layout and choose all desired icons, input text and create a live preview of your design.

Or just provide access to your customers, let them design their sign themselves and prevent transfer errors.


Automatically send the generated live preview to your customer or vice versa.

Any desired modification in the design can be entered online and re-sent, until the design is satisfactory and in accordance with regulations.


Ready for production? Generate productionfiles on the fly including certified spot colours and contours for automatic cutting.

One-click send production files automatically to your signface printer.

About TrafficSupply
Common workflow
Business as usual
1. Customer request

Intake customer specifications by phone or email

2. Internal review

Process specs to graphics department

3. Design preview image

Needed for customer approval

4. Send preview

Await customers approval or revisions

5. Create production file

Create PDF with spot colours and cut contours

6. Send to printer

Upload to printer, review, RIP file and print

Total workflow time
32 min.
SignEditor™ PRO
Optimized workflow
1. Live preview creation

Customer creates the preview online - easy to use

2. Direct approval

Optional check of accordance with regulations

3. Automatic production

Creation of production PDF and upload to printer







Total workflow time
3 min.

Save up to 800% handling time

Deliver flawless top service to your customers, while making your production more efficient.

Need your own localization?
Customizable for every traffic regulations:
use your localized icons, fonts and traffic colours

There is a very wide variety in the international use of custom traffic icons, fonts and colours. Our software is fully prepared to support any local regulations, no worries.

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