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Customer Satisfaction is not a department; it is our entire company.
Wim van der Weide
Chief Customer Satisfaction
A brand is no longer what we tell the customers it is - it is what the customers tell each other it is.
Margreet Kats
Chief Brand Improvement
If you don't deliver a quality product all you've got at the end is a bunch of expensive mistakes.
Arjen van Dieren
Chief Digital Strategy
Don't choose a single strategy, but combine Operational Excellence, Customer Intimacy and Product Leadership.
Koen van Tiel
Chief Operational Excellence
A user interface is like a joke; if you have to explain it, it's not that good.
Douwe de Haan
Senior web developer
Life is a personal quest to challenge creativity.
Gerrit Kingma
Senior Desktop Publisher
René van Rijssen
Customer Satisfaction Specialist
The line between disorder and order lies in logistics.
Lawrence van der Bend
Voorman Logistiek & Productie
Otto Boekhoudt
Medewerker Logistiek & Productie
Germain van Raalten
Medewerker Logistiek & Productie
Pascal Broere
Medewerker Logistiek & Productie
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Allround Grafisch Medewerker
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PHP Developer
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Chief Site Security
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